Kid Alien Killer


Kid Alien Killer



RATED : T for Teen


Earth is about to be destroyed by asteroids, asteroids sent by an evil alien race. You are earth's last hope. You are Ian. Ian is your typical 12 year old. He loves video games, easily distracted by boobs and confident in his decisions. After beating a difficult game, which turned out to be a recruitment device for the galactic peace federation, he's beamed up to space to pilot a ship specifically designed so that elite video game players can pilot it using their game skills. Initially thinking he's dreaming, Ian takes on the challenge but quickly learns that this is no game. Earth and everyone on it is depending on him.

Just like many of the most difficult NES games of old, there are no extra lives, no checkpoints...if you start from the beginning. The music, difficulty and old school cut scenes will put players right back in the glory days of video games.


"Challenging gameplay that will test your skills, with a humorous storyline that motivates you to fight on till the boss is dead and the credits are rolling. Kid Alien Killer is a welcome dose of 8-bit nostalgia." - Jamin Wright

"The opening cut scenes and gameplay has taken me back to the good old days!!" - I. Thomas [Beta Tester]

"Cool game but hard as hell..keeping it old school! Worth more than two bucks in my opinion. Great deal!!!" - Jeff Delgado

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